Firefox 3.6.4 Update Released – Plugin Crash Protection Feature Added

firefox-logo-355Mozilla has released an update to their Firefox web browser, bringing us up to version 3.6.4.

The biggest addition to the latest version is the new ‘crash protection’ feature (as we reported about when it was being tested in the Firefox 3.6.4 beta). If you’re a Windows or Linux user (sorry Mac users, you’ll have to wait for this one), you can browse the web with more protection from third party plugin crashes when playing online games or viewing video content within sites.

How does this work? If a plugin that you are using happens to crash, you can simply refresh the page, without worrying about the whole browser crashing with the current tab.

“Mozilla recognizes that third-party plugins provide important functionality in many of today’s websites. At the same time, plugins can lead to problems for users as they browse. With the ability to automatically alert users when they have out of date plugins, and now crash protection, Firefox 3.6.4 allows users to experience all the content they love without any of the hassles.”

Presently, the new crash protection feature offers protection against crashes due to Adobe’s Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight. In addition to this, the new update also fixes other general issues with security and stability.

If you’re already a Firefox web browser user, you can grab the new update by going to ‘Help’ > ‘Check for Updates’, where it will be downloaded and applied the next time you start your browser. Alternatively, if you don’t currently have Firefox installed on your machine, you can download the this web browser from the Mozilla website.

Also, remember that you can apply custom Firefox themes/skins to the browser and even pick a World Cup Firefox theme to show your support for your country if you wish!

Via – Mozilla Blog