FEAR 2 Demo Preview (PS3)

fear-2-project-origin-liveYou can now play the FEAR 2 demo ahead of full game being released over here in good ol’ blighty on Friday 13th February…..

……felt like that needed a long pause.

Anyway, back to sanity. Yes folks, FEAR 2 is hitting our shelves 13th February, but gamers across the pond in the US will get it 3 days before us.

Fear 2 is obviously the sequel to 2005’s FEAR. The events of the FEAR 2 take place shortly after the end of the first. You’ll be thrown into a sinister and paranormal world as a special forces member. Whilst on a routine mission the city of Auburn, where you just so happen to be, sees itself in the middle of a supernatural explosion. You find out that a girl named ‘Alma’ has unleashed hell upon the city and it’s up to you to unravel to mysterious……mysteries in Auburn and put an end to Alma’s evil.

After playing the FEAR 2 demo, which freaked me out a little, I have to say that I’m quite intrigued by the sequel.

In the demo, you start of in a street which is littered with cars, and a weird red light blazes through the sky (similar to the nuke in Call Of Duty 4, but more evil). You then work your way into what looks like a hospital and that’s when things get quite menacing.

There are other SWAT-like guys that stand in your way that need bringing down, but there are also the supernatural enemies that you need to politely ask to move out your way.

I love the way they just appear in a kind of vapour and you just make out that they have heads, which I feel adds to the experience that the game is trying to put across.

The lights in the building or flickering on and off so you’ll need your torch, and there’s some awesome looking parts when you come across smears of blood over the walls and floors, and bits of bodies here and there.

The game seems very dark and you’re meant to play it that was as to get the best effect and make you change your underwear constantly. Before you start the game, you’re asked to move a bar so that you can barely see the sign in the top right of your screen. This doesn’t make the game barely visible, just more intense.

It’s in first person as I think that that’s that best way to get you to feel like your more involved in the action, and am quite looking forward to getting my hands on a copy so that I can see how the story unravels, and if I’m going to have sleepless nights.

If you like Resident Evil and Doom style games, then I would recommend downloading the FEAR 2 demo to see what you think and consider buying the full game as it looks like it should be great fun.

Just to remind you, there is also the FEAR 2: Live Event taking place, so be sure to keep track of it on the specially created website.

Also, while you’re waiting for the full game to be released you can literally “Test Your FEAR!” to see whether you’re truly up to the task of FEAR 2!