eBuyer Study Reveals The UK’s Geekiest (And Least Geeky) Cities

ebuyer-logoIf you’re a resident geek in Cambridge, then you can start September with a big smile across your face, because you officially live in the UK’s geekiest city of 2011! Of course, by ‘officially’, I’m referring to a study recently undergone at eBuyer, but judging from the amount of tech they ship all over these great nations of ours, they’re a pretty solid source.

In the study, each city in the UK was given a ‘geek score’, which was calculated using three metrics: tech related product conversions per city, IT developer job opportunities per city and the percentage of those with at least one qualification per city. All of the scores were then weighted, with tech related product conversions being the main driver, and calculated relative to each city’s overall population to produce a positive or negative score. Sounds simple enough, right?

Cambridge came out on top of the charts with a geek score of 24.0, and was followed by Gloucester with 20.3, Brighton with 19.5, London with 17.7 and Bristol with 15.7. Unfortunately, cities further north in the UK didn’t fare too well, with the bottom 5 all receiving negative geek scores. Bradford was bottom with -12.1, and was followed by Belfast with -8.0. Just in front of those two cities were Preston (I’m ashamed to say that despite my best efforts through buying numerous amounts of hardware through eBuyer, I was unable to drag Preston’s score up any higher) with -7.8, Liverpool with -7.0 and Glasgow with -6.7. Clearly, us northerners need to prove something before eBuyer repeats the study in the future, so get busy!

Some other interesting facts to come out of the study included the number of people with internet at home. At present, 26% of the UK are without any form of internet at home at all, which is a fairly shocking figure, although that is a grand total, and not limited to 16-64 year olds, so it will be interesting to see how much of that 26% is made up of the older population who may not be on the computer as much as some other people are. The study also revealed that on average, 11.8 hours are spent at looking at screens every single day. I think they’re trying to tell us that we need to get out more…

Hopefully, eBuyer will repeat the study next year to see if any of the statistics change, as the figures are really good to have. If you’re looking to be an IT developer in the future, get yourself down to Cambridge, Gloucester or Manchester for the best chances of finding a position! Manchester was one of the few northern cities that got a positive mention in the report, so Mancunians can be fairly proud about that one!

If you want to check out any more facts and figures from the study, they are all available to view on the eBuyer website. If your city is on the geekiest list of 2011, then we want to hear from you in the comments, and if it isn’t, then tell us why it should be! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and find myself a nice place to live in the heart of Cambridge.