COOLER eBook Reader (Kindle Alternative)

cooler-ebook-readerI spotted the COOL-ER eBook Reader over at Firebox, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty smitten. Described as the “iPod of eReaders”, the COOL-ER comes in a range of gorgeous colours and weighs in at just 176 grammes, so very, very light. With 1GB of memory it’s capable of holding up to 800 titles, and also doubles up as an MP3 player. The glare-free screen is designed to replicate the appearance of real paper, making it easy on the eye and more attractive to traditionalists who don’t enjoy reading from a screen. The battery lasts for 8000 page turns, which is the equivalent of reading War and Peace five times, apparently – but without the accompanying wrist pain.

Ebooks are available from the Cooler website <>, (with a 25% discount for eReader owners), or you can download them from other sources in PDF, EPUB, FB2, RTF, TXT, HTML, PRC and JPG formats, then simply drag them onto the eReader in the same way you add music to an MP3 player.

So why would you want one? Aren’t real books good enough? I don’t think ebook readers such as this, the Amazon Kindle 2 or the Amazon Kindle DX will take the place of real books, in fact I hope they don’t, there is something special about the ‘real thing’, and nothing can replace the look, feel and smell of a traditional book. However, if you’re a student with a large reading list, or you want something light and portable to take on holiday, the COOL-ER would be ideal. You can load it up with books and easily pop it into a bag, where it will take up very little space, won’t be a strain to carry and won’t put much of a dent into your baggage weight allowance.

Alternatively, if you enjoy reading in bed, it would be easier to hold than a weighty tome – I’m guessing that would also be particularly true for people with joint problems who might find a real book cumbersome.

Overall: the COOL-ER eBook Reader is a stylish and nicely designed piece of kit with easy to use features which would make a great gift for avid readers, students, travellers or anyone who’d enjoy weighty plots in a lightweight format.

Via – Tech-Styling