The Digital Nomad: A Full Time Job – Part One

windows-houseThe reality of the “Microsoft House”

My goal in this whole endeavour was deceptively simple. I wanted to centrally store my media and share it across my home network to my various PCs and mobile devices. If you believe the hype, this should be simple, but of course, it’s not. The purpose of this article is to give a true and reasonable account of what it’s actually like to try and “live the dream” of the ideals set out in the “Microsoft House” and why it’s not what we all have in our homes, unlike Microwaves, DVD players and yes, iPods.

The recently banned iPhone ads (Apple are liars, but we all knew that) are a great example of what should happen, contrasted with what actually happens.
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Microsoft Patch Internet Explorer (Again) – Is It Time To Switch?

internet-browser-logosYou have probably heard of the AZN Trojan which has been causing havoc in the Internet world over the last week, but if you haven’t you really should so read on. But for those who have, you will be relieved to know that Microsoft has released a patch for the vulnerability which should stem the problems occurred when browsing using Internet Explorer (IE). This is great news for those IE lovers out there who have been using an alternative for the last week, or the more foolish ones that have been using IE regardless.

Those that are ignorant and righteous may be laughing at those stupid enough to download dodgy material, and thinking that it couldn’t happen to them. But they would be horribly wrong because this exploitation of invulnerability means that all you have to do is go on infected website to “contract” the virus, and suffer the consequences of it.
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The Country Best Embracing Technology Is… Estonia!

estonia-flagYou may be forgiven for not knowing a lot about Estonia, the currency, flag, language and even global position are unknown for a lot of people. But those who are fans of the Kroon spending Estonian speaking Northern Baltic country will know that they are surprisingly ahead of the times in regard to their embracing and acceptance of technology.

Admittedly I am not talking in terms of technological advancement, or the vast manufacture of advanced products I am talking of the way in which technology is used and in this case within democracy.

Last year Estonia became the first country to allow their parliamentary votes to be cast over the Internet, something that made voting more accessible and easier for people resulting in a high turnout. Obviously many people raised the issue of security and protested that the system could easily be hacked into and changed. However they were proved wrong and the election was a success (especially for the Estonian Reform Party who got the most votes).
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The First Facebook Phone? – 3 Mobile’s INQ1

3-mobile-inq1You have all almost certainly heard of the main iPhone rivals: the Blackberry Storm, G1 and….not a lot else. The recent Nokia offering has been miles below expectations, and no-one else seems to be able to drum up the interest or performance that the market leaders have. Admittedly both are class acts, and would be very difficult to displace, but I think there may be a phone that will… introducing 3 Mobile’s INQ1.

The INQ1 Specifications

I think it is only fair that I give the INQ1 (pronounced ink-one to those in the know) an overview first, before explaining why this could be big, so here it is. The INQ1 is a new phone handset being released by 3 Mobile – the mobile phone network running in Hong Kong, Australia, and Europe. The INQ1 is a mobile phone brushed metal finish – it looks quite cool.
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A Basic Mobile Phone? Can You Get One These Days?

nokia-3310-basic-mobile-phoneDo you get asked about which basic mobile phone people should get? Why do people want a basic mobile phone? Most people these days are always chasing the latest and greatest in terms of technological advances, especially on their mobile phones, however I think a lot of the mobile phone manufacturers are potentially missing a substantial market altogether.

If you’re anything like me and particularly around Christmas, people come up to you asking which simple, basic mobile phone would be best to buy for their older relatives, be it their parents/grandparents who might only require a mobile phone as a means to contact them in an emergency.
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Yahoo Fulfils Grim Promise to 1,500 Staff

yahoo-logoI think it would be putting it lightly to say that it has been a bad year for Yahoo, who started the year with high hopes of seriously challenging Google’s growing domination but are now in serious financial trouble. And when the going gets tough, people get made redundant and Yahoo have started to carry out the 10% job cuts that they promised to do by the end of the year.

Obviously like everyone else they are trying to cut back in expenditure due to the economic slow down, but their problems have been exacerbated by a series of disasters that have seen their share prices plummet and income decrease. They have watched their grip on Internet search slip through their fingers and they are in danger of slipping into the worlds of anonymity and the pages of history.
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Viigo Beta: Project Tango Updated

viigo-logoI’ve spoken about Viigo: Project Tango a few times now, in case you’re not aware of it, it’s a great little application that you can download and install for free onto your Blackberry or Windows Mobile smartphone and provides you with a host of information and media all on the one application platform.

I’ve currently got this running on my HTC Tytn II mobile phone and use it primarily as a mobile phone news reader as I find it a very useful way of checking RSS feeds. However, this clever little application has developed beyond just that kind and now has lots of other features, such as even downloading audio podcasts should I want to listen to something to stop me from getting bored on long train journeys.
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What Hi-Tech Gadgets Have People Been Buying in 2008?

cheap-nintendo-wiiAs the New Year looms expect to be bombarded with tonnes of lists about what has happened in the last year: the most searched word of the most visited website. However eBay have been a little ahead of themselves and have released their ‘end of year’ figures already, but although they may be a month early, they give a good indication as to what has happened in the commercial world within the last year and what is popular.

So, here is the top 15 tech toys and gadgets that were sold on eBay in the last year including related items (such as controllers):

  1. Nintendo Wii: 2,056,866 related items sold
  2. Microsoft Xbox 360: 1,297,903 related items sold
  3. Sony PSP: 350,591 related items sold
  4. iPod Touch: 281,361 related items sold
  5. Nintendo Wii Fit: 266,584 related items sold
  6. Apple iPhone 3G: 212,837 related items sold
  7. BlackBerry Pearl: 207,688 related items sold
  8. BlackBerry Curve: 193,788 related items sold
  9. Sony Playstation 3: 103,333 related items sold
  10. Guitar Hero III: 98,159 related items sold
  11. Halo 3: 91,067 related items sold
  12. Grand Theft Auto IV: 43,005 related items sold
  13. MacBook Air: 12,423 related items sold
  14. Guitar Hero Aerosmith: 3,749 related items sold
  15. Rock Band 2’s: 1,650 related items sold

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R2D2 USB Hub (Star Wars)

r2d2-usb-hubI seem to be on a real R2D2 theme in the last week what with the R2D2 projection alarm clock and now this R2D2 USB Hub, perhaps it’s because I’m watching the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon on TV and the last couple of episodes have been about everyone’s favourite little droid!

Functionally this is the same kind of thing as the Transformers All Spark Cube USB Hub I recently wrote about, in that it plugs into one of your USB sockets and then allows you to plug in up to 4 USB devices into it which is especially useful if you’ve run out of USB sockets on your computer and don’t want the hassle of opening your computer to add further sockets.
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Mobile Phone Antivirus From ESET

mobile-phone-antivirus-esetESET have announced that they will be a releasing a mobile phone antivirus software application in January 2009.

ESET are the producers of one of the best antivirus (NOD32) and security suites (ESET Smart Security suite) currently available – I’ve personally been using their NOD32 software for over 4 years and have recommended it to many people over the years. One of the best things about it is that it combines good protection while taking up small amounts of resources, so your computer isn’t noticeably slowed down by it.

When I begin using a new computer or set up a new Windows installation, installing a form of anti-virus software on it is one of the first things I do, if not the first thing! Will people want to have to do this with their mobile phones? Or perhaps the handsets will come pre-installed with mobile versions of antivirus applications – I’m not sure if this would be a good thing or a bad thing!
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