How Much Phone Storage Do You Really Have?

I thought this image below was quite interesting, it shows just how much actual, usable storage you have on the various current smartphones.

Some of these variations will be due to the type of operating system that they use, but what’s interesting is seeing how phones using Android (all except the iPhones and Blackberry) actually vary.
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Samsung Series 3 Chromebook Review

samsung-series-3-chromebook-frontviewIn an age of smartphones, tablets, transformers, ultrabooks and retina displays, Google’s Chromebooks – a series of cloud-centric laptops – are probably the least appealing of the bunch. The common knowledge that you’ll be purchasing an underpowered machine that’s almost entirely dependent on the Internet is enough to ward off even the most open-minded of tech enthusiasts. Add in a high price tag, combined with other noticeable limitations of Google’s browser powered laptops and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Google’s genius had gone missing on this occasion. But actually, Chromebooks aren’t as bad as they sound – honestly!
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The WIRED Pop-Up Store! – #SamsungWIRED

A couple of months ago I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S3 (which was a rather pleasant and substantial upgrade over my iPhone 4), so when I was offered the chance to attend a preview event of the WIRED Pop-Up Store, I was certainly looking forward to seeing what kind of technology a respected magazine publisher and Samsung could assemble into a temporary high street space in the run-up to Christmas!

The whole idea of this collaboration is to present the concept of the “New Industrial Revolution” – where creative thinking is meeting new technologies to inform new manufacturing techniques, product customisation and SMART business innovations – and give a glimpse into the world in 2013.
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What Makes A Laptop An Ultrabook? We Take A Look At The Requirements

If you have you been shopping around for a laptop lately then you will have almost certainly noticed  the name “Ultrabook”, a name which numerous computer manufacturers seem to be applying to their laptops lately.

Now although the name Ultrabook may not be truly imaginative or catch consumer attention for the right reasons (marketing folk’ tend to overuse terms to draw consumer eyes), there is a genuine reason that the Ultrabook name is cropping up everywhere currently.

If you are confused about what an Ultrabook actually is, I aim to try to explain this, the best I can in this article. If you are shopping around online for an Ultrabook and already know what one is, then this handy Ultrabook buyers guide should help you out a lot. Read on to find out what makes a laptop an Ultrabook.
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Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers Review

bowers-wilkins-mm1If you’ve been reading my posts over the past few years on a regular basis, you’ll know by know that I’m a self confessed audiophile. My iTunes library is full of lossless tracks that I’ve ripped from my growing CD collection (yes, until I can download music losslessly, I will continue to buy CDs and vinyls), but until now I haven’t had a truly great pair of speakers that can do all of those tracks justice.

The Bowers and Wilkins MM-1s caught my eye a few months back, with their promise of great sound and technology taken from their studio speakers, not to mention the incredible design work that is clearly present in every aspect of the units. [Read more...]

HTC Sensation XL With Beats Audio Review

htc-sensation-xlWhen I took a look at the original HTC Sensation last summer, I was left impressed by its qHD display and the speed at which the phone carried out tasks, thanks in no small part to its 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who enjoyed using it either, as it’s proved popular enough for HTC to partner with Beats Audio and release the new HTC Sensation XL with Beats earphones bundled in.

After setting the bar so high with the original model, though, can the Sensation XL live up to its name? Let’s take a closer look and find out! [Read more...]

Acer Announces The Aspire S5, The World’s ‘Thinnest Ultrabook’

The ultrabook competition is well under way at this year’s CES; we’ve already seen the ThinkPad T430u announced by Lenovo, and now it’s Acer’s turn to shine in the spotlight. The Taiwanese company has just announced what it’s calling “the world’s thinnest ultrabook’, and at 15mm thick at its maximal point it may be in the running for that title.

The 13.3-inch laptop is constructed from a magnesium-aluminum alloy cover and brushed metal, and weighs just 1.35kg. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a computer to take on-the-go with you, this one would fit the bill quite nicely. [Read more...]

Lenovo K91 Shuns Google TV, Puts Android 4.0 On The Big Screen

Lenovo’s certainly been busy at this year’s CES; we’ve already seen their new hybrid ThinkPad X1 and T430u ultrabook, and now it’s time for round 3: the smart TV.

If there are two underlying themes at this year’s event, it’s certainly the presence of ultrabooks and smart TVs. Lenovo’s ultrabook effort was a valiant one, with a nice entry price point of $849 and a wide choice of hardware. The TV on the other hand? Well Lenovo has certainly pushed out the boat on this one, fitting it with an array of very impressive technologies. [Read more...]

Lenovo Announces The ThinkPad T430u Ultrabook At CES

Hot on the heels of Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 is another new ThinkPad announcement that it seems everyone is getting in on at this year’s CES: a ThinkPad ultra book.

It seems as though every manufacturer on the show floor is carrying an ultrabook this year, and Lenovo is no exception. The company’s latest announcement, the ThinkPad T430u, starts at $849 and packs a punch with an impressive array of specifications. [Read more...]

Lenovo Unveils The Hybrid ThinkPad X1 With Dual Windows – Linux Boot Options

Reports concerning the impending death of the conventional notebook have been greatly exaggerated. They certainly aren’t going to be replaced by tablets anytime soon; professionals and regular consumers around the globe use them on a daily hourly basis, so it’s great to see them getting the attention that they deserve from companies such as Lenovo at this year’s CES.

One of the biggest issues with conventional notebooks is the poor battery life that they achieve. Many new models coming to market can barely reach 3 hours without completely dying, so it’s naturally become a major issue for a lot of manufacturers.

We’ve been promised new battery technology for many years now, and it’s never arrived. Processors have become more efficient, but there’s only so much that hardware optimisation for minimum power consumption can achieve. As a result, Lenovo has turned to software to solve their problem. [Read more...]