Buy Amazon Kindle DX In UK & Europe!

First there was the Kindle which became the first mainstream ebook reader when released over in America, this was followed by the Kindle 2 which boasted a whole series of improvements and which finally made it across the Atlantic to us wannabe Kindle 2 users in the UK and Europe.

Amazon also released the larger Amazon Kindle DX, again initially it was only available to those in America, however you can now buy a Kindle DX in the UK and Europe too!

But first a quick overview of the Kindle DX which was revealed to the American market all the way back in May last year. It’s got a 9.7” screen which uses the same digital e-ink technology that has made the Kindle 2 (6″ screen) so popular as it allows the text to be read in the same way as paper making it a lot easier on the eyes than staring at a backlit LCD screen which can perhaps tire your eyes with extended sessions of use.

Whilst it may be quite big (not only have you got the large screen but there’s also a relatively thick rim and qwerty keyboard at the bottom) it is surprisingly thin at only just over a third of an inch which as Amazon correctly point out is as thin as most magazines. The Kindle DX will also auto-rotate the display depending on which way round you’re holding it (similar to an iPhone), whereas on the Kindle 2 you would have to press a button to rotate the display.

There’s also a large memory, long battery life and a large selection of books all of which are exactly the same as when it was originally released. The difference? It’s now available internationally (including here in the UK and the rest of Europe) and not just in the US.

Unfortunately the international version of the Kindle DX still suffers from a couple of irritating (but not deal-breaking) issues that remain due to the fact that it is, at heart, an American product made for the American market. Admittedly these aren’t anything that would make you especially rethink buying the market leader, but annoying none the less.

For a start all off the prices are in dollars (both for the actual Kindle DX and the books on the Kindle DX) which is a shame considering how weak the Pound is at the moment and secondly the Kindle DX also ships with US power plug meaning you will have to use an adapter or just the USB method for charging. But once you get over these points, in the Amazon Kindle DX, you do have perhaps the premier eBook reader currently on the market. Also, you can read your Kindle eBooks using the Kindle PC and Mac Apps and the software will synchronise with your Kindle DX, so you carry on reading from where you last left off on your PC or Mac.

Overall, if you are looking for an eBook reader, and want something a little bigger than the standard Kindle 2, then the international version of the Amazon Kindle DX is for you and although the £300 may seem a bit steep at first glance, the Kindle DX has proven to be popular and I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed!

Will you be heading on over to the website to get your’s ordered? If so, let us know what you think to it once it arrives!