BBC News iPhone & iPad App Released For Download

bbc-news-logoThe BBC has rolled out their news application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, allowing users from the UK to now download it from the App Store. The release comes later than expected, due to some queries over whether the BBC should be allowed to release its own applications, with license payers money funding the development of this BBC News mobile app.

It contains all the news from the BBC News website, including latest headlines rolling at the top of the screen, sports content and more. In addition to the availability of news from the application, users can also view embedded videos that wouldn’t normally be accessible on Apple’s devices due to the use of Flash on the BBC website. There is also the option to listen to Live Radio within the application too.

This is great news for users who have been waiting to view BBC content on their iPhones and iPads without visiting the BBC website in the Safari browser, as multimedia is now much more accessible for these customers thanks to the user friendly interface and readers can even share links with their friends using email, Twitter and Facebook straight from the application.

This is definitely a good alternative and probably has more features than the Sky News iPhone app that has been available for a while now. You can download (iTunes link) the BBC News app for free from the App Store right now, and enjoy the best news that the BBC has to offer without going anywhere near your browser.

I’ve been using the BBC News iPhone and iPad app myself since the release on July 23rd, and have enjoyed using it tremendously over the regular BBC website. With everything laid out perfectly for your iDevice, it’s never been easier to get the latest UK news straight to your phone or tablet computer.

bbc news ipad

Via – BBC Internet Blog

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