A Basic Mobile Phone? Can You Get One These Days?

nokia-3310-basic-mobile-phoneDo you get asked about which basic mobile phone people should get? Why do people want a basic mobile phone? Most people these days are always chasing the latest and greatest in terms of technological advances, especially on their mobile phones, however I think a lot of the mobile phone manufacturers are potentially missing a substantial market altogether.

If you’re anything like me and particularly around Christmas, people come up to you asking which simple, basic mobile phone would be best to buy for their older relatives, be it their parents/grandparents who might only require a mobile phone as a means to contact them in an emergency.

Obviously if you’re only going to be using something infrequently, it needs to be easy to use, intuitive with basic mobile phone features, ie. you can quickly and easily make a phone call. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that there are a huge amount of features on a modern mobile phone that I can play with, but equally I can understand that if you have no real interest in anything beyond the basic function of making a phone call, then bogging a handset down with unnecessary features will only serve to confuse and frustrate people when they do come to use the handset on one of those rare occasions they actually “need” to use it.

In the past few days I’ve been looking around for basic mobile phone handsets and I have to admit, that my options were quite limited, especially if you are tied to looking at one particular network in your area being the only viable option – this leaves you with a small number of the cheap PAYG network handsets and any sim-free unlocked handsets you can source from the Internet.

After reading a few online discussions on this subject, browsing the local supermarkets and the online stores, I’ve ended up choosing the Nokia 1112 sim-free unlocked handset for around £35 which has a limited range of features, a decent simple menu system and as large and clear buttons that I could find in my search – definitely a big factor to consider when looking for a mobile for my grandparents. Then of course once you’ve got the handset sorted, you need to decide on which of the free sim cards on offer, you want to get!

Have you a similar experience in trying to find a basic mobile phone? Which handsets would you recommend taking a look at for anyone who is interested in just having a simple and easy to use mobile phone handset that may only be used sparingly?