ASUS ROG G73jh Laptop (CES 2010)

If you’re a power hungry user who needs to be at the top of your game wherever you are, you’ll love ASUS’s new gaming laptop, the ASUS ROG G73jh with its ridiculously powerful specs for a portable machine.

If you’re not bothered about sacrificing good looks for a powerful processor, you’re looking at a Core i7 processor; up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM; HD Audio; a whopping 1TB of hard drive space and DX11 graphics provided by the ATI Radeon HD 5870 which gives you 1GB GDDR5 memory. More visibly, your money will get you a 17.3” display with a 1080p resolution for some serious gaming and watching films on the Blu-Ray drive that comes along for the ride!

If you happen to be in the mood for video conferencing on your travels, you can do so with the 2 megapixel webcam with the help of the built in 802.11N Wi-Fi. It’s surprising to see USB 3.0 left out of the frame for this monster of a machine, but you can deal with USB 2.0 for a few more years can’t you? Not forgetting the power source, you’ll also find an 8 cell battery to keep all that resource hungry hardware going for an hour or two!

If you can’t resist this powerful machine, pricing is rumoured to start at around $1600, which isn’t bad for such a powerful portable machine. The ASUS ROG G73jh is expected to start shipping in around a month, so get your wishlist sorted, Christmas just arrived a few weeks late!

Via – Engadget


  1. Rob says

    and i quote

    “pricing is rumoured to start at around $1600, which isn’t bad for such a powerful portable machine”

    my point is, desktops are cheaper and more comfortable to use than a laptop for gaming.

  2. John Thompson says

    I agree entirely, I personally wouldn’t choose to purchase a gaming laptop, but a lot of people do – it’s consumer choice and the price isn’t bad for what you get.

  3. Rob says

    Considering a hell of a lot of modern gaming is done online, portable gaming isn’t exactly possible for most people. I just don’t understand gaming laptops, but fair play to anyone who does.

  4. says

    Well compared to what everyone says here, I have found gaming laptops VERY useful to me. Yeah I know that Desktop gaming machines are WAAY CHEAPER and WAAY MORE power-packed. But laptops like these can prolly run games on max for at least 3-4 years so they’re good enough.

    I don’t really use them portably, like for instance a PSP, but I do travel a lot, visiting friends, going on holidays etc. This is just plain perfect because I’m a pretty enthusiast gamer and this just works! Play it in aeroplanes, airports, coffee shops, anywhere!

    And for the people saying most games are online, it’s not true. There are many games that keep coming out that also support single player (such as COD:MW2) and I’d love to play games like these on the move!

    Finally, as selfish as I am, gaming PCs I have to share with my siblings etc (and cannot be moved around the house that easily) thus I cannot always get to game whenever I want to. :P

    So yeah, I’d anyday rather have a gaming laptop than a desktop :P Works better for me that way even though I have many friends who DO rather have desktops because they’re cheaper!

  5. John Thompson says

    Fair points – to be honest it depends on personal preference, and variety in any market is always a good thing for innovation!

  6. Gordon says

    I agree with molten ice.
    I salary sacrifice laptops for work and home. I fail to see why I need a desktop when I travel weekly. I also have to use this as my desktop at work due to aussie tax laws! :(

    So I use top notch machines that can go close to replace a desktop PC.
    I currently have this on back order to arrive next week as my new work/home PC replacement. I need the power for work and I like the power for home gaming on a LCD monitor. Plus is my blu ray player. So some people love this sort of over the top laptop junk! :D

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