Apple Rumour Mill For 9th September Event

apple-9th-september-event-rock-and-rollWith an income of $6.28 billion, about $40 billion’s worth in assets and a brand that will go down in history as a design icon of the 21st century it would be an understatement to say that Apple were big, so even the most innocuous of things (in this case a press conference on 9th September) will set off a whole series of rumours and suspicions.

And Apple have not helped matter by being both incredibly quiet on the subject, and choosing the most unhelpful title for those trying to work out the subject of the event: “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it”.

As it turns out the date coincides with the release of the Beatles: Rock Band, and of course the link between the Beatles and the Rock and Roll lyrics (even if they are from the Rolling Stones) has led many to suggest that perhaps a Beatle’s-themed release is on the cards: such as a Beatles music collection on iTunes.

In the same league of ‘unlikely-ness’ is the remote possibility that the Apple iTablet (as the general population have dubbed it) will be announced and unveiled to the world – however given the fact that it is expected in 2010 and that they would probably try and squeeze a little more publicity out of it by making it more obvious implies that it is probably not the case.

In fact the most likely suggestion doing the rounds at the moment is that Apple will be releasing a new range of iPods, or rather tweaking the current additions as is the trend, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities: Will they be switching to widescreen? Will the iPod Touch be moved more towards the iPhone 3G? Will we be seeing wireless earbuds? Or even cameras on more of the iPod range? Unfortunately we will have to wait till Wednesday to find out, but until then let the rumours continue…

Via – Slashgear and Gaj-It

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