Apple iPhone 4 Announced

apple-iphone-4-steve-jobs-wwdc-keynoteApple have just announced their brand new iPhone at WWDC 2010, imaginatively named iPhone 4, just that, no iPhone 4G or iPhone HD – and yes, it would appear to be the iPhone 4G prototype model that we’ve all seen leaked by Gizmodo!

Hardware Design

At the announcement, Steve Jobs said that the new iPhone 4 brings over 100 new features to the table, focusing on just a few for the keynote. The casing is made from glass at the front and back, with steel around the sides and this new design makes it the “thinnest smartphone on the planet” at just 9.3mm.

It comes packed with a front facing camera, and a rear camera too. Also, there’s an LED flash on the back, so you can take photos in low light conditions!

It uses the same microSIM tray as the Apple iPad, so you won’t be able to put your own SIM in it unless you cut it down to size yourself.

You’ll also find a second microphone for noise cancellation which is great for calls in loud places, similar to what Google’s Nexus One Android phone has.

A lot of people were curious about the line at the top of the device, as it’s seldom seen with Apple’s focus on ‘unibody’ design. The reason for this is to use the band as part of the antenna system to improve the effectiveness for signal reception. What does this mean? Well, you might actually be able to make calls for starters! Assuming that works well, that’ll definitely a good improvement.



The second big feature in the new iPhone 4 model is what Apple call a ‘Retina Display’, which offers four times as many pixels on the screen, to make it a much sharper screen than previous generations. Steve Jobs actually did a live demonstration of the new screen technology using a 3GS and an iPhone 4, and the difference was pretty striking.

Note the difference, with the 3GS image on the left and the iPhone 4 on the right. The iPhone 4 packs 960 x 640 pixels on the 3.5” display, which is a huge improvement over the 3GS.


Internal Hardware

The iPhone is powered by Apple’s own A4 chip – the same chip that’s used in the iPad – and packs a lot of hardware in such a small case. The battery dominates the case, so they’re squeezing as much power as possible.

It will come with up to 32GB of storage and 802.11n WiFi built in. A new addition not seen in previous iPhones is a 3 axis gyro, which is tied in with the accelerometer and compass to offer six axis control. Jobs did a demo of a simple 3D game with a stack of blocks, and the gyro seemed to be impressive for gaming purposes. It’ll be great to see games on the App Store that take advantage of the new hardware.

New Camera System

iPhone 4 comes with a new camera system that aims to take better pictures, particularly in low light. There’s now a 5 megapixel sensor in the device, but the big difference here is the backside illuminated sensor. 5X digital zoom is also offered, and, of course, it will utilise that LED flash they’ve put in.

So it’s great for taking still pictures, but what about video? You’ll be able to record 720p video at 30 fps, which is great for a mobile device! To take video even further on the iPhone, Apple have even created iMovie for iPhone to allow you to edit your video content without having to transfer them to your computer.


iOS 4

You may be wondering what ‘iOS’ is… turns out, Apple ditched the ‘Phone’ part and renamed the operating system. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that’s changed on the OS front, no new features except for what we already know were announced for the iPhone OS (iOS) 4.0 update, although Apple have officially added Bing to their list of search providers on the OS, with Steve saying “Microsoft has done a great job on this” (who’d have thought we’d ever hear that?). You can expect to see the iOS 4 software update released on 21st June 2010.

Video Calling

You know there’s a reason to be excited when Steve Jobs says there’s “One more thing…”. Steve did a live demonstration of a video call using the iPhone’s front facing camera to call Jony Ive. This is a great addition to the iPhone, and a wished-for feature from many users.

The service is called FaceTime, and only works over WiFi at the moment, but it’s a great advancement. Of course, iPhone 4 is required too.



iPhone 4 looks like the best iPhone to date, with a much needed update to the look of the device. It’s available in both white and black, with a 16GB version costing $199 and a 32GB costing $299 on 2 year US mobile phone contracts. Pre-orders start June 15th, and it becomes available on June 24th.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the various iPhone mobile networks here in the UK, presumably they’ll end up being quite similar prices again, but I wonder how long us PAYG iPhone customers will have to wait until we can buy one without a contract?

With iOS 4 and the new hardware that comes with it, it’s sure to be a hit. Are you thinking of getting the new Apple iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments!

Via – Engadget


  1. DG says

    I think EVO slightly edges out Iphone on specs. I was expecting more from Iphone but got disappointed. Basically new processor and camera are the main addition and all other features are application related. On a physical comparison EVO wins and on software side, Iphone is better now, but google android apps are releasing so fast with almost same performances as of Apple. So on software side too Android can reach to that level.

  2. Glenn says

    I have always been cool and reserved towards Apple products, they have a individual quirkiness to them…a Apple quirkiness I suppose. I don’t like companies that tie you to them by narrowing and restricting your choices in the way one uses the product. For Apple, it is the propriety for ACC recording for their Ipod, and other such issues that put me off them.

    As I am in the market for a new mobile phone, and have been for a year or so, I was pretty much disappointed with Sony Ericsson’s Satio. When I first saw it advertised, a while before its release, I was thinking that it was the phone for me, but because they failed to include a 3.5mm jack socket on their product, it instantly took the gloss off my excitement. So I looked elsewhere.

    Samsung looked to have a phone I could be happy with, but I couldn’t buy it, unless I bought it online…to hell with that! I want to go into a store and buy the product after I have examined it in my hands. We are all being asked to fork out a lot of our hard-earned money for these gadjets, and I am in no way going to buy a product on its advertisement alone. I am no Guniea Pig, I am (or should be seen as) a valued-customer.

    Looking over the specification of Apple’s Iphone 4, I know I can no longer justify ignoring Apple. This product looks really stunning. It has the Ipod, still proprietal to ACC, and the 3.5mm jack socket, an absolute must on any mobile device that plays music! However, the real issue for MP3 is the quality of the encoding, which the user controls.
    The camera has finally been upgraded to the minimum requirement of 5meg pixels. You’ve got the plethora of Apple applications already available, including GPS and Digital Compass (really like that). Oh, it’s also a phone!

    I’m glad I decided not to upgrade my mobile last year. The Iphone 4 looks to be setting a new benchmark for mobile devices, and if it does exactly as it says on the tin, it will blow all other mobile phones out of the water. Stunning looks, excellent technology…you just can’t ignore Apple any longer. It’s at the top of my list!

  3. The Average Windows Nerd says

    I thought this actually looked quite appealing, if you can believe it.

    I know you’ve still got to put with the Apple ecosystem, but.. hmm.. still want one.

    I do like the idea of glass, it’s the polar opposite of the iPod Classic for scratchability.

  4. says

    Although I was slightly disappointed with the WWDC event as a whole, the iPhone announcement was enough to hold my attention.

    I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one when they are released and will be pre ordering one for sure. Judging on the performance of the iPad the iPhone will be a fantastic mobile device.

    I was ray her hoping for video chat (facetime) to be available over 3G, but I suppose apple knows best ;)
    Only 15 days to go…

  5. suparuss says

    The iPhone definitely doesn’t win on specs, or features, or customizability….but somehow the sum of the whole is greater than the parts and it wins out overall….everytime.

  6. Zee says

    Its very impressive but it has the major reception problem. Apple said that it’s a software problem which they will fix in the next update. Does anyone know when this update will be released, and also, is there a chance that it might be more than just a software problem. Other than that flaw, it’s a great phone with a stunning display. You have to look at it in person to understand how good it is.

  7. Chapperz says

    Despite all the problems with it, the iPhone still has the appeal and attraction. I still want one as it looks brilliant.

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