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What’s this place all about? Well, our primary aim here at Zath is to get the best out of the latest technology products, software applications and hi-tech gadgets that’s available to us, as well as finding the best video gaming options for when we just want to relax and chill out!

With that in mind you can expect to find the news, reviews and how-to guides on these topics, after all, who has the time to waste on technology, gadgets and games that are just not worth your while?

I’m Simon Barker (otherwise known as Zath) and I’m someone who has always liked to embrace technology and tries to fully utilise it to get all the benefits that I can, be it in terms of:

  • General Technology and getting the best from what the Internet has to offer from a technological point of view, be it online services, software or entertainment.
  • Hi-Tech Gadgets, such as mobile phones and their associated functionality – I currently have a iPhone 5S smartphone which is essentially a pocket computer. These kind of devices hold countless possibilities to enhance our lives.
  • Gaming is also developing at great speed, be it from a technical point of view in terms of graphics, physics, gaming engine that you see on the latest gaming PCs and consoles or utilising new technologies to create brand new gaming possibilities.

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Simon Barker – Managing Editor of Zath

I’m based in the York area of the UK and have a keen interest in most forms of technology. In the past I have worked as an Oracle HR database system administrator and also been a freelance IT consultant for local home and small business clients, building systems, correcting faults and providing training as required.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me, it’s always good to interact with readers of the site. Alternatively, you can also add me to the following networks and communicate that way too:

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