VOi Lorem iPhone Case Review

voi-lorem-iphone-case-black-smallWhen you live in a world filled with expensive gadgets and gizmos, you’re going to want to protect that shiny new hi-tech gadget investment of yours! The iPhone is by far the most popular smartphone on the planet, but even the folks from Cupertino can’t protect your phone from the everyday beatings it will undoubtedly endure.

With many iPhone covers and cases on the market, it may be hard to choose how you want to protect your iPhone, but the VOi ‘Lorem’ iPhone Case one that’s certainly caught my eye and is rather effective at keeping your indispensable iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS from cracking (literally) under the pressure of everyday life…

The ‘Lorem’ iPhone case from VOi looks like it’s built to last; not only does it shine in the looks department with a nice, black finish to the plastic housing, but there’s also a lanyard attached to the back of the case for convenience. If you have your own lanyard you’d rather use, you can attach it to the case instead or just dispose of it altogether. I found it to be a useful addition in general, and one many will appreciate.

When you eventually stop admiring your new purchase, you’ll want to actually put your iPhone in the case and make sure it’s protected from those bumps I mentioned earlier! The case is physically split in to two parts: the main plate which houses your iPhone and the front Axent ring which keeps it securely in place.


To separate the two pieces, you’re directed to insert a coin in to the slot at the bottom and gently twist it to separate the case. This was a slightly worrying moment as I didn’t want to break the admittedly thin piece of plastic bordering the opening, and although it didn’t snap, it looked ever so slightly deformed after the case was separated so watch out for that!

Separating the parts from each other also unveils the attractive looking and soft lining that helps keep your iPhone secure without scratching it. This addition certainly shows the attention to detail that’s been made when designing and creating the case and adds a luxury feel to the case.

Naturally, no respectable iPhone case is shipped without a screen protector, and yes, you get one of them too! They’re much tougher than others you’ll find floating around on the market, and I also found them to reduce the glare of my phone’s screen considerably when using it, which is great. You also get a cleaner too so you reduce the chances of getting dust stuck under the protector.


In addition to this, with the VOi Lorem iPhone case there’s also the option to mix and match the interchangeable shells with each other. This is made possible with the variety of colours available to buy, so you can add an extra personal touch to your case. Of course this means buying more than one case, but fashion comes at a price right? The case is currently available in a choice of four colours: pink, red, white and black.

With all these features and options, the VOi Lorem is one of the nicest iPhone cases I’ve seen in a long time, and certainly a great choice for anyone looking to get their hands on a case for their iPhone. The case is available for £24.95 from the 4VOi website and the optional screen protector is £3.95.