3rd Generation iPhone to Feature OLED Screen?

iphone-3gWith the recent announcement of the iPhone 3.0 software, many people are now starting to speculate as to whether the release of the next 3rd generation of iPhone will be coming sometime in 2009 to co-incide with this software update release much like the iPhone 3G did with the iPhone 2.0 software update.

Also given the upcoming release this year of the Palm Pre which could possibly be the iPhone’s strongest competitor to date, it would make sense for Apple to address this new threat to their dominance with not only a software update, but a new handset featuring improved hardware features.

That’s where this rather interesting rumour then comes in, it’s being reported that LG have been approached by Apple enquiring about supplying OLED screens of various sizes – surely if that’s true, then like an anonymous source has revealed, they will be using them in the next generation of the iPhone?

OLED screens offer various benefits over LCD screens including better picture quality, however the main benefits I’m sure Apple would be looking at would be the that OLED screens do not require a backlight to display the image which in turn means that the screens use less power and can be made thinner in size.

All these benefits would be of great interest to Apple who I’m sure would want the 3rd generation iPhone to have as higher quality picture, highest resolution and as large a screen as possible whilst ensuring the device is as thin as possible while and has good battery life – something it has been criticised for in the past.

If this ends up being true, then Apple may well already have one feature in the 3rd generation iPhone that will better the Palm Pre since that device will be based upon having an LCD screen.

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  1. The Average Windows Nerd says

    So much guff, where do I start? Well, OLED screens DO NOT offer better picture quality than TFT displays. You can claim that they do, but you’d be wrong. Secondly, the high-reflective coating to the back of the display “sandwich” which I think you are referring to, was used on the original GameBoy Advance. That device required a cumbersome illumination add-on, unless you were playing it on the surface of the sun.
    Oh yeah, and hardware upgrades? Well, a” back-button” and removable battery would be a necessary start, but we all know it won’t happen, and we all know why.
    Bottom line – DON’T BUY AN iPHONE! There are phones out there that do so much more, for so much less. Every iPhone owner I’ve ever met always excuses it’s deficiencies with “yes I know, but..” Well, but nothing. I do have recommendations for phones (yes, there are several) that trounce the iPhone, but I’ll save for that for a proper article.. In the mean-time, I recommend that you don’t buy in to the hype. Apple speaks and I yawn. They really do need to catch up with everyone else..

  2. The Average Windows Nerd says

    I should add that OLED displays do have the advantage that you can view them from almost any angle and they don’t suffer from the “inverted contrast” effect that most LCD displays are prone to. That said, the current iPhone has a very good TFT LCD display and let’s be honest, is there anything wrong with it?

  3. says

    @The Average Windows Nerd
    I am far from a guru when it comes down to these things so I am not saying you are wrong but I was under the impression OLED does generally provide a better picture due to the fact the contrast ratios are so much better due to the lack of back lighting?

    Isn’t this one of the reasons why a lot of AV nerds prefer Plasma over LCD as it provides a much better contrast ration and therefore better picture quality?

    Again I could be wrong but doesn’t OLED offer a better response time than TFT?

    I was also under the impression that the only reason why OLED isn’t widespread were the serious issues they had with its lifespan? And ones these issues are resolved OLED will likely become the successor of TFT and Plasma?

    Granted most of what I have read about OLED is from a TV perspective so they may not all apply when it comes to smaller forms such as phones.

  4. The Average Windows Nerd says

    Sony released several devices using OLED, including some of their later mini-disc recorders. Admittedly the screens were pretty small, but having seen it next to a good TFT, I think you’d struggle to choose between the two. As I said about the Game Boy Advance, unless you’re viewing in optimal lighting, you will need something to illuminate the screen, just as you would struggle to read by candle light.

    And as for “contrast ratio” issues? Hmm.. I’ve seen some god-awful TFTs (there’s actually one in my right-hand monitor!), but I’ve also seen some excellent ones which really do “bring the blacks back” so to speak. A lot of people also think they’re looking at a TFT when actually, it’s a DSTN, which usually has a sort of “milk-wash” look to the picture, but I am talking mostly about the smaller / phone-size displays here, not TVs.

    You raise some fair points Mr Gadget.

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