30th Anniversary Giant Gundam Statue In Japan

gundam-statue-242Any Gundam followers out there will be rather pleased to know that there has been a commission in Japan for a gigantic 59ft Gundam statue to be erected in Tokyo. The idea was brought forward to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the mecha anime craze, of which an exhibition to celebrate it is soon to begin.

Gundam started as a series of small episodes of anime which featured giant robots (mecha), started by Sunrise Studios. Initial series were called Mobile Suit Gundam, which began in 1979, and grew so fast it later became a huge franchise with several sequels and prequels – with alternating timelines and stories – all of which have been shown in various media such as manga, fiction novels, video games and TV anime. Gundam is just an umbrella term for the entire concept and, quite frankly, this statue will do much more than simply dwarf everyone under it. It’s an appreciation, by many, of an art that has done so well to combine great story, anime, sci-fi and oddball characters that you care about.

Initial photos and plans drawn up for the design look absolutely spectacular. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be standing next to the giant piece of art itself, but I am sure I’d be grinning from ear to ear. Check out the video and photos below for a look at the coolest monument to be built in years! Well, I think so anyway.

UPDATE: If you’re interested in seeing more giant robot stuff – take a look at this Giant Military Robots conspiracy video that Justin Dowling has created.

Via – Gundam 30th, Geeky Gadgets & Gizmodo