Jolicloud OS For Netbooks Hits The Big 1.0 Version

jolicloud-logoThere are a lot of netbooks on the market for summer 2010, with manufacturers continuing to cash in on the netbook craze that’s been going around for the past few years. After owning a few netbooks myself, I’ve found my experiences to be mixed. The deciding factor here hasn’t been the hardware, but the software.

When laptops first started shipping, they would tend to come with lightweight, custom Linux distributions installed as standard, and Microsoft didn’t even get a look in. Typically though, Microsoft cut some deals with the manufacturers and managed to make Windows XP Home Edition the de facto standard for these machines, leaving Tux out in the cold.

Just because Linux has taken a back seat in the netbook market doesn’t mean that distributions do not continue to innovate, however. Ubuntu has a netbook version dedicated for that use, and other operating systems have been making an appearance, such as Jolicloud.
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Get Paid For Testing iPhone / iPad Games With Binary Family

binary-family-ipad-summer-solitaire-appThe Binary Family, Berlin based developers of various popular iPad and iPhone apps, are looking for testers for their new range of apps. Having used the same testing policy in the past across Europe in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has led the Binary Family to great success with one of their quiz games, for example.

Not only is testing the apps potentially fun and fairly rewarding, testers also receive £2 for each app tested, as well as the price of the app up front via PayPal. All that is necessary is to rigorously test the app and fill in a short questionnaire post-test. It’s really that simple.
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Skies Of Glory iPhone & Android App Released

skies-of-glory-iphone-android-app-logoWith so few games taking advantage of the massive popularity of both the iPhone and Android platforms, it’s great to see that Skies of Glory game app has been released with cross-platform multiplayer capabilities for players on both of these platforms.

Set in World War II, players can test each others flying and combat skills over a 3G connection, meaning that you can play anybody wherever they may be in the world, regardless of whether they’re playing on Android or iOS.
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Apple Addresses iPhone 4 Antenna Issues: Free Cases For All!

apple-iphone-4-steve-jobs-wwdc-keynoteApple has just held a press conference about the iPhone 4 antenna issues that have plagued it since its release nearly a month ago. In it they attempt to put this whole story in perspective after countless posts of the troubles that users are having with the device have been published to the net.

So what’s happened at the conference? Well, first of all, those in attendance were treated to a wonderful rendition of the iPhone Antenna Song (believe me, I wish I was joking), before Steve Jobs came out to present some hard facts.

Facts and Figures

He compared three phones: the Blackberry Bold 9700; the HTC Droid Eris and the Samsung Omnia II, and showed that they all, essentially have the same problem as the iPhone 4. When you hold them in a certain way, you get a big decrease in signal strength, down to 1 or 0 bars. [Read more...]

Non-Stop Gaming World Record Attempt – Watch Live!

vogel-twistdock-non-stop-gaming-world-record-attemptA new world record attempt for Non Stop Gaming was started at 1pm today (July 16th) in a Dixons store in the Netherlands. The current record stands at 40 hours and six gamers will be spending the weekend playing Red Dead Redemption on the Playstation 3 to break the record.

The record breaking attempt is also a launch for Vogel’s Playstation 3 TwistDock which is a charging unit for the PS3 controllers. This TwistDock will be used to keep the controllers continually charged through the record attempt with the winner receiving 1,000 Euros and a docking station.
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Back To The Future Blu-Ray Release Date Announced

back-to-the-future-blu-ray-cover-mockupIt was only really a matter of ‘time’ before they decided to release the Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu-Ray!

I still remember going to see Back to the Future Part III at the cinema, and of course I bought the DVD trilogy on the day of release, so I’m quite tempted to buy the Blu-Ray versions as I’m a big fan of the films seen as I’m an 80’s kid. I may not like 80’s music, but my God they made some good films!

There’s going to be two different versions of the Back to the Future Trilogy available on the release date of 25th October 2010…

In the Back to the Future Trilogy Collectors Tin, as well as the features listed below, you will also get a Delorean blueprint, an ‘Outatime’ number plate, the Sports Almanac, a ‘Save the Clocktower’ poster and a lenticular photo of the Mcfly family which is definitely worth thinking about because I’m a bit of a nerd and like my collector’s items.

The Back to the Future Standard Edition has all the features listed below and will be the token Digipack which seems to be the norm for most Blu-Ray’s these days.
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Firefox Home iPhone App Released for Download

firefox-logo-355The Firefox Home application for iPhone we’ve been hearing so much about lately has finally made it through Apple’s approval process and in to the App Store.

Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for free, the Firefox Home iPhone app allows you to take our tabs with you when you’re on the go, so you don’t have to start a whole new browsing session when you leave your desk.

The concept is pretty simple. All you have to do is install the free Firefox Sync add-on for your desktop browser, before creating an account and password which links your tabs between your desktop computer and phone. Then, when you download the Firefox Home app for iPhone and iPod Touch, you simply enter your account information and you’re good to go!
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Evernote Update – Adds ‘The Trunk’ & Other New Features

evernote-logoThose of you who remember our review of the Evernote ‘memory’ application/service, allowing users to take snippets and notes from the web so you never forget a thing, may remember also that we did indeed give it a glowing review. Well, since then there have been many developments with the company after they released the Evernote API inviting over 2000 developers to work with software and hardware to integrate the Evernote platform.

Well, yesterday Evernote made the announcement they had been gearing us up for for some weeks now. And, I am pleased to report that the announcement went without a hitch and the added feature the announcement was centered around brings even more great functionality the already powerful app.

It’s called the Evernote Trunk and basically, it is a compilation of all the important information you need to optimise your Evernote experience. It tells you what hardware comes pre-installed with Evernote, which Twitter clients feed directly to Evernote, it even tells you which scanners works with Evernote.

When you first look at it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was some kind of app store, but you would be wrong. It is more a place where developers who work with Evernote integration can have their applications or hardware put in the spotlight for all Evernote users.
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Apple to Recall iPhone 4? Or Offer Free Bumper Cases? – Emergency Press Conference Tomorrow

apple-iphone-4-steve-jobs-wwdc-keynoteIt’s no secret that the latest, and supposedly greatest, addition to the massively popular iPhone range has been plagued with problems from day one. Namely, the iPhone 4 antenna has been riddled with issues concerning dropped signal when the user covers a certain area of the phone.

Apple have done their best to play down the issues releasing a series of statements regarding the issues, but with news of an emergency press conference to be held tomorrow, tech blogs worldwide are speculating just why.

Many people believe Apple are on the verge of a mass recall of the iPhone 4, could this really be possible? Customers literally queued all night and day to get their hands on one first, but it seems now they’ll have to rejoin the line and hand it back, something which will no doubt enrage the thousands of early adopters of the new smartphone. Though, this is just a rumour as yet and it is uncertain just what the outcome of the press conference will be, but it is pretty much a given that it will be related to the recent antenna issues, which were thought to be an iPhone 4 software issue.
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Have You Seen Zath’s Mobile Site?

zath-z-logo-url-branded-white-bgIf you love Zath (and let’s be honest here, you love Zath), and want to visit us when you’re away from your desktop or notebook computer, you can easily stay up to date with all our reviews, news and views via our mobile website!

If you just visit our regular URL (, just in case you can’t see your address bar for some reason right now), you’ll be presented with the mobile version of our website, which gives you access to all of our latest posts, check out all of the categories on the site, just as you can with the full version, and even leave a comment to share your own views with us and other readers. You can even bookmark on sites such as Delicious, Digg and Reddit, as well as tweeting articles you like straight onto Twitter!
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