Twitter Allowing You to Pay for More Followers?

twitter-logoTwitter is always looking for new ways to make money, it’s the often-asked question about Twitter and it would appear their latest attempt seems to potentially be a win-win situation. They intend to allow users looking for extra followers, to pay a small sum to achieve their goals. Great news for bloggers and marketers all over the world, the extra publicity can increase revenue for all sorts of tweeters, and Twitter itself makes a whole heap of cash into the bargain!

In the past, Twitter has not exactly taken kindly to third-party apps which intend to boost the number of followers an individual users has, so this move would signify a definite change in policy on that front, however Twitter already promote certain accounts for celebrities or people worth following for free to everyone who signs up, but is that really beneficial?
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Apple iPhone-Style 1 Inch Touch Screen Leaked, But What’s It For? (Rumour)

apple 1 inch touch screen displayWell this is certainly an interesting way to end the day! Apple rumours site have leaked a small, Apple iPhone-styled, touch screen. What’s interesting about that? You may ask. Well, for starters it’s only 3cm square, which equates to just over an inch.

Normally, when an Apple prototype is leaked, it’s linked to a certain product, such as the iPhone 4 or the unibody aluminium Macbook Pro shell. However, no one knows what’s in store for this small device, although we bloggers do love to speculate…
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New Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – World’s Fastest Car!

bugatti-veyron-super-sports-car-front-viewWith Zath being a tech blog, naturally we tend to keep most of the articles related to technology, gadgets and computing. However, sometimes we like to get distracted and get stuck into a bit of hi-tech motoring news.

In the past we have covered various electric cars, a Porsche Spyder hybrid concept car and the new McLaren Automotive road car, but now there is a new updated car coming (extremely quickly) over the horizon. Everyone thought Bugatti were a one hit wonder with their Veyron, that it was the pinnacle of what could be be achieved in motoring technology, but now they’re back…with a Super Sport version!
[Read more…] Voucher iPhone App Review offers countless services to try and help you save money in every sector of the economy. It will compare prices on a whole host of services ranging from the best broadband deals to home insurance, but if there’s one platform you wouldn’t expect to see it on, it would be as an iPhone app.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly where it is right now, in the form of a voucher application which helps you find the best deals around you using your location and displaying offers nearby. There are a number of voucher applications on the App Store already (such as VoucherCloud iPhone app we’ve previously looked at), but this one has a major advantage: it’s an existing service.
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Samsung Wave S8500 Review

samsung waveThe Samsung Wave is a landmark device for Samsung in more than one way. Not only is is Samsung’s first Bada OS device, but it’s also their first device to come with a Super AMOLED display which should make it better than the recent Samsung Monto (S5620). The question is: does it live up to its promise? Is Bada OS worth the trouble with other mobile operating systems already on the market? We’re about to find out!


When I first saw the exterior of the Wave, I was pleasantly surprised at the great build quality of the phone. Unlike an awful lot of Samsung phones on the market, this model doesn’t feel at all plastic or cheap. As expected, the touch screen dominates the front of the device, with discrete buttons placed at the bottom for accepting and rejecting calls, as well as accessing the menu. On the rear, you’ll find the camera, with a flash of course (the bright type, not the Adobe type), as well as slider that releases the battery cover.
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Windows Live Messenger iPhone App Review

Not too long ago, Windows Live Messenger was the pinnacle of online communication. Every man and his dog were available on the online service, and you’d seldom come across someone without a Hotmail account. This was, of course, prior to the days of mainstream social networks. When MySpace, Facebook and Twitter came along, MSN Messenger was left in the dark.

However, with a recent re-launch of the Live Messenger platform, Microsoft has attempted to include social aspects for users including status updates and online photo albums. It may still have a way to go until it’s as popular as a service such as Facebook again, but there habe definitely been significant advancements in the past 12 months.

Naturally, it is therefore a logical step forward for Microsoft to release an iPhone application, allowing users to stay online on the go with instant messaging, as well as access to Hotmail inboxes too. After the launch of Bing on the iPhone (but annoyingly not for us in the UK), it came as less of a surprise to see Live Messenger appearing on the App Store, but how does it stack up against the mass of competition in the market? Pretty well, it seems!
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Amazon UK Online Grocery Store Launched

amazon-uk-logoI remember the day, and it wasn’t that long ago in all honesty, when Amazon was nothing more than an online bookshop. Since then they have grown exponentially into somewhat of an online department store selling everything from books to clothes, PC’s, Televisions, they even have their own Amazon MP3 Download Store to compete against the Apple iTunes store. Pretty much anything you want within reason you can get from Amazon. Heck, they even launched Javari earlier this year their dedicated shoe shop. Who would have thought it? Well, now they’re taking another step into the unknown with their online grocery shopping service.

The Amazon Grocery Store not a new website, more a subsection of the current site at Under the heading ‘Grocery & Gourmet’ Amazon are clearly attempting to portray themselves as a quality grocery outlet, not like your local cheap, bargain store (not naming names). The prices certainly reflect this as well with hot chocolate setting you back an extortionate £12.99. Either this is some feeble, pretentious attempt at rivalling some of the more exclusive food stores, or it really is the top banana so to speak.
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MacKeeper Review (Mac OS X Utility Application)

MacKeeper LogHowever much Apple tries to tell you that Mac’s don’t share the PC’s flaws, every computer needs a thorough spring clean once in a while. There are various applications on the market that aim to do this, such as CleanMyMac, but it seems as though it’s facing a bit of competition, with MacKeeper.

MacKeeper aims to keep your Apple Mac running like a well oiled machine, removing un-necessary junk to keep your hard drive free and making sure that your machine is running fast and reliably. How does it do this? Continue reading to find out!

Installation and Setup

I should probably start leaving this section of my review out when I cover applications for the Mac… As per usual, installation onto my MacBook Pro laptop is an easy drag and drop job, making it nice and easy to get setup without a complex installation or restart being required.
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Acer Aspire One D255 With Dual Core Atom CPU For Release Soon

acer-aspire-one-d255-netbookAcer may have only just released their Aspire One D260 netbook last month, but an update has already been planned to the older model.

Essentially, it’s the same netbook as we saw last month, but with one (significant) difference: the CPU. Instead of coming with a single core Intel Atom processor, the D255 sees an upgrade to Intel’s dual core Atom N550 processor – the Acer Aspire One netbooks have certainly come along since we first reviewed them here on Zath.
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2010 Smartphone Roadmap Revealed For Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung And Sony Ericsson

It’s a good day to live in the UK! Mobile phone website Omio has uncovered a plethora of devices making their way to our shores before the end of this year from major phone manufacturers. Leaks include Android devices, phones from Nokia, and even a Windows Phone 7 device from HTC. Interested? I thought so…


Some of the content that’s been covered here has already been known for a while now, but we have a complete release roadmap to confirm a lot of our previous suspicions. The first Nokia device mentioned, the E5-00, is actually due to hit the shelves this month, so Nokia fans don’t have to wait long for this one. If you’re not familiar with the E5-00, it’s a messaging-centric device with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Arriving next month is the X6, which concentrates on being a good media phone with particular emphasis on music. Its capacity has been slashed down to 8GB to make sure it’s affordable for users, meaning it could prove popular amongst the teenage market. The X2 is due to arrive on September 1st, again offering a music based experience with dedicated music player buttons.
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