10 Key Typing Test (Touch Typing)

keyboard-number-keypadIt’s now quite a while since I first did a typing speed test, so when I stumbled upon this ’10 key typing test’, I just had to have a go to see how good I was. Having done a lot of data entry work in the past and being a blogger now I know how much benefit being able to type quickly.

This test is different from most typing tests which require you to type out words and punctuation, with a 10 key typing test, your speed is measured upon how fast you can enter information just using the number keypad part of your keyboard, which means you’re going to have to be good at entering numbers and mathematical functions!

Anyway, this is how I did on my first attempt at this 10key typing test:

Your accuracy was impressive.

Your speed was 5435 Keystrokes Per Hour

Evaluation: Good
Your accuracy was good, but you need to improve your speed.

The test is made up of entering 10 mathematical sums into the webpage, it doesn’t take long to complete this test, so why not have a go now and see how you compare?

All you need to do is go to the 10 Key Typing Test website, complete the test and then come back and leave a comment as to how you did. Can you do better than my attempt at 10 key typing?